Goat Paya in Mississauga

Traditional Cuisine of Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

Goat Paya
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Goat Paya

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Goat Paya is a revered traditional dish, known for its rich flavors and texture. Crafted from high-quality goat trotters, we cook it slowly in a prepared blend of authentic spices that are distinctive of its cultural origins. This slow simmering allows the trotters to become exceptionally flavorful, infusing the range of spices to create a deeply satisfying and complex flavor.

Perfect for Group Gatherings: Select the tray size that complements your gathering:

Small Tray: Serves around 6 people.

Price: 79.99 CAD.

Large Tray: Ideal for about 12 people.

Price: 159.98 CAD.

Make sure to order in advance.

Visit or Contact Bolan Pass: You're welcome to visit or call us for orders at our locations in Mississauga:

Bolan Pass - Matheson Blvd

Contact: (905) 507-0088

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